Performance Enhancement

All Boxer Engines

If you thought you couldn't love your car more, we have wide range of performance ehancement products to make your car distinct from others. Our Performance Upgrade Products Brands such as AE-T Brakes, Brembo Brakes, Cusco, CP Piston, DW Fuel Pump, K&N Air Filter

ECU Performance Tuning

ECU (Engine Control Unit) is the microproccessor that reads engine sensors output like RPM, Cam Angle, Crank Angle, etc and controls the engine performance by making inputs to the fuel to air ratio, ignition timing, variable valve timing, etc. "ECU Flash / ECU ReFlash / ECU ReMap", involves electronically erasing the current ECU program(engine control 'map') and replacing it with new, updated information / map.

Our ECU Performance Remap allows the engine to run:

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  • Cold Air Intake Kit

    Cold Air Intake Kit

  • Exhaust System

    Performance Exhaust System

  • ECU Performance Tuning

    Stage 1 Tuning with:
    Performance Air Intake Kit
    Performance Exhaust System
    Dyno Result 16% Power Gain:
    Before: 117PS 15Kg-M
    After: 136PS 17.95Kg-M
    Gain: 19PS 2.95Kg-M

    *Tune with RON95 Fuel

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