Engine Oil Service Package

Scheduled Service Interval & Maintenance

Are you aware of the time related maintenance required on your vehicle?

If you're looking for top quality servicing and maintenance from a local company you can trust, you've come to the right place. We have the facilities to cater for all your servicing needs. Our workshops are fitted with the latest diagnostic equipment and our service technicians are fully trained, so your vehicle is in safe hands.

You get complete peace of mind that we use genuine original spare parts and approved compatible OEM Parts. We won't carry out any service work or any repair without letting you know the cost and getting your OK first.

Our scheduled service has been developed incorporating years of competitive experience. We believe that the introduction of new 'extended period' scheduled service for current motor vehicles has compromised the performance and healthy running of the vehicles. Our schedule reflects the depth and integrity demanded in Malaysia harsh driving environment, resulting in more efficient and better maintained vehicle.

Everyone's driving habits are different and therefore so are the service requirements for your vehicle. You should be servicing your vehicle based either on time or distance, whichever comes first. We like to think you are getting better service as if you were at the dealer without the high price.

Vehicle Health Check

It is important to make sure that your vehicle is running at its full potential and not endangering yourself or others because of problems which have gone unnoticed. All our technicians have been fully trained and will perform a complimentary Vehicle Health Check on all service and repair work.

All aspects of the car will be thoroughly checked over to ensure everything is in order. Including not only the following:

Repair Services

No one knows your car like us. Not only have our technicians had years of repairing experience, they are also the only true experts. We constantly provide professional training to them so you can be assured that you are dealing with the best.

OBDII Diagnostic System

We have the access to the latest Diagnostic System. This state of the art tool enable us to access to Engine Management System, Transmission System, Airbags, ABS, CAN Bus System, allowing us to provide vehicle specific solutions. We provide FREE diagnostic to every customer.

Vehicle Service History Record

We keep every vehicle service history. A complete set of maintenance records allows you to keep up to date on your vehicle's history and can often significantly enhance your vehicle's resale value.